Best PTC sites online

Here is the list of best PTC sites at the moment:

1. GlobalBux

Site for newbies in PTC world. Standard memeber rented referals give 0.01$ for 1 clikc and avg over 2,3+. You can't lost here. In few weeks you can have many referals and earn nice money from this site. Profit on one rented referal is duble almost triple in 30 days. My advice is to give a try to this site:) They are over year in PTC world.


The best PTC site with fixed ads. They have best refferals (avg. 2+ click per day). The best site to get refarals at the moment. You have 4 fixed ads every day as a standard member and big amount of referals to rent. And instant payment is also a big plus.

Here is link to site:

Payment Proof- ProBux

3. GoldenClix
Start: 13.1.2013

Site from best and trusted admin. He is owner of 2nd site called Balkanikaclix (over 2 years in PTC world ). Very stable site and best one to invest. Everyone who is in his site love admin and respect him , you can find his bio and all about him in this site. Check forum about him and you will be shure that he is one great admin. 

Trust me on this one is going to be big!!!



New site in PTC world. Similar to Probux. One of my favorit new site. Only few months from launch and allredy over 90,000 and 70,000$ paid members. Best fixed ads at the moment. All new mebers are very active so all refarals are very active too. Sooner you join more active referals you get.
30% from DR earnings (0,02 per day ) bigest bonus in PTC world.
Here is the link to site.

Payment Proof - TheBux
Payment Proof 2 - TheBux

5. SilverClix

Same admin as GoldenClix. And you now they never miss single payout. We all trust in this sites for all that they are offering to us. Safe and smart clicking!

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List of scam sites:

Please don't waste time on sites below:


If you know more scam sites leave a comment or mail me so i can add them on the list!

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